March 11, 2022 3 min read




Hello there! 

Welcome to our second blog in our series, exploring the iconic barrels vital to creating our fragrances. 

Barrel-aging is a well-known technique that is crucial to imparting the unique flavors central to wine and spirits. Part of that process involves using the wood as an agent that infuses the alcohol with colors and flavors not previously present. 

The lengthy barrel-aging process is essential for introducing nuance and depth to our favorite wines and spirits, so it makes sense to apply the same methodology to our fragrances as well! 

In today’s blog, we’ll be following on from our last entry on the qualities of French and American Oak barrels and moving on to the incredible flavors and textures of vintage cognac and chestnut barrels. 

Read on! 

Barrel-Aged Brandy

The truth of cognac barrels is that they are actually the same barrels used for wine - French oak. Furthermore, while cognac is often thought of similarly to whiskey and bourbon, it’s actually an aged white wine rather than a traditional spirit. However, the process of creating cognac is vastly different in approach to both wine and whiskey, making the result a profoundly unique experience for both the drink and our fragrances. 

While whiskey and bourbon are well-known for using second-hand barrels in their aging process, cognac is traditionally only made using dedicated cognac barrels of oak. Furthermore, the fermentation timeline of cognac differs significantly from wine, whiskey, and bourbon, taking potentially decades to age despite its grape origins. 

As a result of this extended aging process using a variety of white wine that eventually becomes cognac, the interaction between the liquid and barrel is far more profound. 

A Bouquet of Flavors & Textures

The final flavor of cognac is often described as being sweet, spicy, and fruity while also introducing notes of vanilla and caramel. In other words, cognac takes the best of both worlds from wine and whiskey - creating something a little bit in between. 

The aromatic qualities of cognac are equally robust, providing a wealth of incredible aromas to enjoy when consuming the beverage. At the same time, the intense process of cognac leaves an impression on the barrel that is difficult to ignore. 

Our Fragrances

The complexity of cognac, and the process of its creation, make it far too tempting to not integrate into our fragrance collection. As a result, we have a fragrance that takes advantage of the cognac barrel to full effect. 

Our Plum in Cognac fragrance by Pascal Gaurin is arguably our most complex and luxurious bouquet available, striking an incredible balance between calming and seductive. 

Base notes of vanilla and Vetiver ground this stunning fragrance, helped in no small part by our barrel-aging process that gives our Plum in Cognac bouquet an infusion of depth and grace. Further heart notes of caramel, tobacco, and cinnamon lend this fragrance additional luxury. 

It’s no wonder then that our Plum in Cognac fragrance received the 2021 Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year Award for its extraordinary composition!

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for the home and personal use.