Each month our subscribers receive a box containing one scent, presented as a 10ml fragrance and a 10-hr candle.

Each month they can choose between receiving a new scent or one that you have already received and loved.

Each month they can choose between receiving the box yourself or gifting it to someone you love.

Subscribers will receive their fist box on the 10th of October and each month after that on the 10 of the month, for a total of 12 months.

Subscription ends automatically after a year.

Subscribers are charged a fixed shipping fee of $22 to receive the welcome collector box. This allows us to register their credit card. After that, shipping is
free on all monthly boxes and any purchase of fragrances and candles over $150.

It takes an average of 10 business days from the date of subscription for subscribers to receive their collector box. After that, under normal circumstances, subscribers receive each of the twelve monthly boxes within a week of the day of the month they placed their original subscription order on.

Please don’t. There is nothing we can do to prevent subscribers from cancelling their subscription the day they receive their free collector box.
It would be a great deal for them, it would also be the end of our business.
We do not have a large in-house legal team, we also have zero interest in spending time and energy suing people.
So we won’t.
But don’t be that person. We are a young company and can only survive if our customers respect their engagement. This is the reason why we limit our subscriptions to a year.
Please be kind.

It could not be easier. Please text us at xxx xxx-xxxx, reference your client number and give us the name and address of your friend/ lover/ mom/…

We’ll take it from there.

Of course! We always include a card with our gift boxes, so the recipient will know it came from you.

Soon. We do not yet offer that service but we are working hard on making it happen. Stay tuned.

We will text you a tracking number when it ships, and text you again when it gets delivered. 

If the package has shipped already, you can’t. We will have to send a new one. We will, but please don’t do that too often, it’s terrible for our bottom line.
If the package has not shipped yet, just text us, we will make the change.

The entire idea behind our subscriptions is for you to try our scents before you buy a full 75ml size. Our collector boxes were actually born out of a brainstorm we had one day about re-inventing the discovery kit. We wondered what those kits would look like if they were objects of desire. And the Collector Box was born.
So yes, you can test before buying. By subscribing.

Please text us at (you guessed it) (xxx) xxx-xxxx or an email to contact@ We’ll track it. We’ll find it. We’ll make sure you get it.

Unfortunately not. But you can always get what you want the following month…

Please take a picture, text it to us and we will send you a new product after inspection.

We do.

Not currently. We are very committed to our Direct-to-Consumer business model. However, we will be periodically announcing pop ups and collaborations with brands that will allow you to see our brand in the real world. We’ll let you know when that happens, promise.

Our fragrances are blended, our candles are poured and our products are assembled in the US, with love. However, some of our components and fragrance ingredients may come from overseas when sourciong makes it necessary.

Absolutely not under any circumstance. Nor do our partners and suppliers.

If you do not fall in love with the scent you ordered, you may request a return label within 8 days of receiving your product.

We will send it to you the next day and refund you for the full amount of your purchase as soon as we receive the product.

Applicable to 75ml purchases only.