January 21, 2022 3 min read

With January coming to a close soon; it’s definitely time to start thinking about how to best celebrate a loved one. After all, Valentine is all about enjoying those we love and taking the time to make them feel extra special for the day.

Of course, loving your partner, or spouse, shouldn’t just be limited to a single day of the year, yet Valentine stands as a day that’s meant for special occasions and going the extra mile.

Naturally, a vital component of any successful Valentine’s day is giving a gift as a token of love, but this is where many people get tripped up. As it stands, giving gifts is a tricky business for many, so making the right choice can be a challenging task. Even worse, Valentine's day isn’t like other holidays, and the emphasis on getting the “right” gift is usually never greater.

Thankfully, we at Scents of Wood have got you covered. Aromatics and the sense of smell are potent experiences to be profoundly enjoyed, making them well suited as gifts for a loved one who might be a little more discerning.

So, today’s blog will focus on the best gift ideas we have here at Scents of Wood. Try one of these out, and we’re sure you, and the giftee, will not be disappointed.

2021/2022 Subscription Box 

Let's start with the big one.

Our 2021/2022 Subscription box is the ideal gift for anyone looking to invite a loved one on an adventure of aromas like never before! This is also the gift that keeps on giving as well, with new boxes being delivered to your door every month for the next twelve months!

The first month includes all the benefits of our collection box, which consists of a 10ml scented spray, burning paper incense, and an aromatic candle, making this the ideal starting point for anyone looking to enjoy the luxury of our fragrances.

After that, every month for 12 months, a new box will be delivered containing a different scent in 3 forms: a fragrance, a candle, and incense.

2021 & 2020 Collection Boxes

Ok, so maybe you’re not the type of person that likes committing long-term. That’s cool; we have something that might be a bit more your speed!

Our Collection boxes are fantastic ways to get someone introduced to the intriguing world of wood fragrances without engaging in a lengthy subscription at the same time.

Our 2021 Collection includes the same benefits as the first subscription box - a 10ml scented spray, burning incense paper, and an aromatic candle.

If incense isn’t your thing, then our 2020 Collection box is ideal, including only a scented candle and 10ml spray.

Custom Samplers

Finally, if you’re looking for something small to add as a little token of admiration, or you want to take only baby steps into the fragrance game, then why not give our 3x10ml samplers a try?

Simply choose three scents you’re interested in, and we’ll ship them at 10ml sprays in their own custom gift box. They’re the ideal starting place for those that want to try our fragrances in a single, preferred form.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for home and personal use.