Cedar in Acacia

Cèdre en Acacia

By Pascal Gaurin

Imagining the feeling of the warmth of the sun first hitting your skin at dawn, Pascal Gaurin wanted to use the freshest ingredients on the palette, Ginger Oil, Cinnamon Bark and Cypriol Heart to represent this moment of exhilaration.

Using a captive wood, Cedramber, he was able to create a natural feeling cedarwood combined with the sexiness of amber to complement the freshness of the top ingredients.

The final touch of sensuality is the Olibanum Resin that envelopes the fragrance with provocative addiction.

Ginger Oil Fresh LMR

Cinnamon Bark LMR

Cypriol Heart LMR

Orris Concrete LRM

Olibanum Hyperabsolute

Cedramber IFF