Fragrance People

We do not pretend to be NFT specialists in the broadest sense.

But we went through the hoops, we've built an understanding of their basic principles and we have a clear idea of where we want to go with our project.

Most importantly, this: if someone had approached us in 2012 and told us "we're creating this community, join us and we’ll teach you how to build your Instagram page and show you how to post smartly"...

- If ONLY someone had done that for us - In 2012... 

... we would be quite grateful.

Now, just because a lot of very smart people say that NFTs will define tomorrow the same way social networks have come to define today, doesn’t mean it will happen. But we believe it might.

And to quote digital futurist Brian Fanzo, we did our damn research.

For us, it’s not about digital cities and avatars wearing immaterial sneakers. NFTs allow artists to own the value the of their art, no matter how many times it changes hands. NFTs establish ownership of objects big and small and allow customers to become shareholders of the brands they love.

In NFTs we see a digital way to strengthen communities and bring people together in the real, smellable world.

We’ll explain.


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