What is an NFT?
Stands for Non-Fungible token. Fungible assets include cryptocurrencies, FIAT currency. Non-fungible assets include houses, cars, and tokens on a blockchain.
NFTs are units of data which are stored on the blockchain that can be anything ranging from music to film to artificial intelligence code.

NFTs live on the blockchain, what is that?
At their core, blockchains are systems designed to keep track of information in a transparent and immutable way. When new data is introduced to the block chain, it gets encrypted into a “block” which is then “chained” onto the last interaction which creates a single source-of-truth for the data in a chronological method. When a new block is added, every miner on the network must validate the transaction, which creates an unbreakable layer of security. This, plus the fact that every transaction to ever occur on the network is publicly accessible data entirely prevents fraud and makes the technology extremely useful in many places.

How do I receive my NFT?
After checking out, you will receive an email from NiftyBridge with instructions.

How will I get a wallet made for me?
You can get more information here.
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How do I sell my token?
You can get more information here.
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How do I use NiftyBridge wallet?
You can get more information here.
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What is OpenSea?
OpenSea is a secondary market for digital collectibles, analogous to eBay for NFTs! You can use OpenSea to purchase more tokens of your liking, or to sell the ones you already own for ETH!

Is there rarity on these tokens?
All Scents of Wood Membership tokens are created equal. However! Depending on the number of fragrances remaining to be claimed on a certain token, the prices on the secondary market may vary.

How do I claim my fragrance?
Once you’ve received your token in the wallet of your choice, simply go to the membership page, connect your wallet and enter your shipping information! All you have to do next is sit back, relax, and wait for the fragrance to arrive in the mail!

Do I need to pay for these fragrances?
Once you’ve paid the initial fee for the token, everything else is free! Simply enter your shipping information and you’re off to the races.

How do I claim a fragrance that is not in the current release phase?
Check the number of your token on our websites or check the traits of your token on OpenSea to see how many fragrances are still claimable, and if not simply connect your wallet to our website and all unclaimed previous fragrances will be available to receive!

What happens if the token changes hands?
You can only claim one perfume every six months per token – changing of ownership does not change this. Selling a used token to another person will not give them the ability to claim the same fragrance as you, they will need to purchase their own. If you use the token to claim the first fragrance, then decide to give it to someone else, they will be able to receive all future releases! But since you’ve already used it to claim the first scent, that one will remain in your possession and they will not be able to claim it (unless you decide to give them the physical bottle as well).

What if I missed the claim window?
Once a six month window has passed, a new fragrance will be released. If you forgot to claim the last one, we’ll send you both, as long as your token hasn’t already been used to claim the first.