NFT People

The world of fragrances is strange, opaque and full of mysteries.
But it doesn’t have to be.
Like any other art form, it can be learned and become an endless source of joy in one’s life.

This is partly why we are creating this subscription.
Chances are, you do not have a fragrance NFT in your wallet.
Chances are, you’re not sure why you should.

Well, imagine belonging to a community that is not only fascinated by the opportunities of Web 3.0, but also in love with an art form, and eager to share what they know and learn together.

We are a fragrance startup with big ambition and extraordinary products.
Our adventure started on September 22, 2020, the day of the Fall Equinox.
Obsessed with creating the first direct-to-consumer luxury fragrance brand, we launched with an innovative subscription model that immediately found its audience.
After 6 months we were awarded “Fragrance Extraordinaire of the Year” by the Fragrance Foundation (the fragrance equivalent of a Best Movie Oscar)

So why this NFT?
Because the key to our budding success is the community of subscribers, customers, bloggers and friends we have assembled around our brand. And this NFT feels like the next step in growing and empowering that community.

We have a very clear roadmap for our brand, one that we wrote in our business plan long before we launched our first product, one that we will unveil soon.


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