April 26, 2022 3 min read


Like any business venture, Scents of Wood began with a simple idea that evolved into the entity you see today.

For some, that moment of profound inspiration can come from many different sources. For us, it came from a book known asThe Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative by Florence Williams.

In the book, Williams explores the relationship between our exposure to nature and how it can help boost our mental, emotional, and physical health. The novel is an exciting exploration of nature's positive impacts on us and how we can harness that to improve our daily lives.

For Scents of Wood, our primary goal with our fragrances was to aid our relationship with the outdoors by using our signature scents to bring the natural world back into the home.

So, in today’s blog, we’ll be taking a deeper look intoThe Nature Fix and exploring how the themes and lessons of this stunning novel have informed our fragrances.

Read on!

Book Overview 


The Nature Fix is a book focused on the idea of what Florence Williams refers to as “ an epidemic of dislocation from the outdoors.” The key argument of the novel is that our increasing disconnection from the natural world in favor of modern comforts has given rise to a normalization of unhealthy lifestyles. 

In other words,The Nature Fix argues that if we wish to improve our mental and emotional well beings, we have to reacquaint ourselves with flora and fauna of nature that surrounds us. 

Nature walks, forest bathing, and camping are listed as the vital activities that humans must perform to feel more connected to the world and enjoy the benefits that only this exposure to nature can bring.

After all, we are still animals at our cores – so it stands to reason that, like animals, we are healthier when not in a state of self-imposed captivity. 

Wood Fragrance Inspiration


We can’t tell you how inspiringThe Nature Fix was to our work, with the book becoming the bedrock of our business practice. At Scents of Wood, we aim to bring the natural world indoors – allowing you to feel all the magic and wonder of the natural world through the power of fragrance.

For example, ourBirch in Acacia fragrance byYves Cassar embodies the ideal we came to learn through Florence Williams' work, transporting you to an aromatic forest of dreams through the power of smell.

The fragrance takes a base of acacia aromas from our barrel-aging process and combines that with the refreshing and cool scent of the birch tree. The result is stunning, with soft textures and spices playing off the velvety and smokey forms of middle and base notes, while the top notes blend into a characterful ensemble of signature fragrances.

The best thing aboutBirch In Acacia and many of our other fragrances is that this stunning bouquet can be enjoyed as a personal perfume and home aromatic with our scented candle version!


That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for home and personal use.