March 25, 2022 3 min read



Oak trees hold a special place in the hearts of perfumers across the globe, with a bittersweet and earthy scent that is profoundly important to creating a grounded and powerful aroma. 

It comes as little surprise then that the oak tree is regularly featured in stories of history and mythology, with the mighty tree often seen as an integral part of the natural world. For many, oak trees are symbols of the past, and the world's magic made manifest, making them an extraordinary sight for some. 

We love the oak tree because of its integral role in the creation of our scents collection, with both French and American Oak featuring heavily in the creation of wines and spirits through the practice of barrel-aging. 

Of course, there is much more to oak trees than simply being turned into barrels. In today's blog, we’ll be uncovering the mystery of oak trees and their importance to our scents. We’ll be exploring the mythos of oak trees as well as the qualities of oak that comes through in our stunning fragrances. 

Read on! 

The Myth of Oak

As previously stated, oak trees have played a valuable part in the history and folk-lore of humankind. During the classical era, the leaves of oak trees were used for laurel wreaths to crown champions of events and heroes returning from lengthy journeys and campaigns. 

For ancient Celts and Norse cultures, the oak tree is vitally important, representing different gods and states of life. The “world tree,” known as Yggdrasil by the Vikings, is said to be based on the qualities of a solid oak tree, owing again to the powerful sense of meaning and presence that oak trees have. 

In Perfumery



Part of the allure of Oak trees is their scent. Oak trees are often covered in moss, creating a wonderful aroma of earthy textures that calm the body and soul in equal measure. This makes it unsurprising that oak trees could be used in perfumery. 

Furthermore, oak trees can also foster additional aromas, with profoundly aromatic truffles often sitting below the soil. 

Oakwood extract is vital for any perfume that wants to have a powerful backdrop. Oak extract is well known to have earthy and mossy elements to its experience, with hints of lacquer adding layers of nuance to any perfume it’s made part of. This makes it ideal for men's and women's fragrances, providing an aromatic base that can compliment a wide range of additional scents. 

Oak for Our Fragrances



Oakwood can often figure in multiple times with our fragrances - both as an extract and as a part of our signature barrel-aging process. 

When used as an extract, the effect is similar to what has been previously described. The oakwood provides a profoundly earthy and mossy base that allows our sweet and spicy notes to be fully experienced. 

When used as part of our barrel-aging process, the oak essence takes on a slightly different personality, becoming smoother and more tactile, with new elements of vanilla and caramel coming to the fore and further enhancing the oakwood's calming effects.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for the home and personal use.