January 12, 2022 3 min read

With the joys of the previous year behind us, it’s time to look forward to what comes next. For many, the first significant occasion of the year, of course, is Valentine’s Day.

For us, Valentine’s is the perfect occasion to use as a pick-me-up after the gloom of a cold January. While every day is a perfect day to take the time to show your appreciation for a significant other, Valentine’s Day offers a unique opportunity to go the extra mile for a special someone.

In today’s blog, we’ll be showcasing some of the best fragrances we have that we believe can make the perfect gifts for a loved one.

Read on!

Sandalwood In Oak | Santal en Chêne

Valentine's day comes from the celebration of the Christian Saint Valentine, where the details of his life are hazy at best. What is known is that the Romans martyred him during the 3rd century and relics of his life were kept for centuries afterward.

The hazy, heady, spice-filled backdrop of Saint Valentine feels oddly appropriate to reference when speaking about our beloved Sandalwood in Oak fragrance byMackenzie Reilly.

Sandalwood has always been a deeply provocative fragrance in itself, providing a unique purity in texture that is difficult to pull away from; one could even call it saintly.

When combined with traces of Oakwood from our aged barrel process, our Sandalwood in Oak fragrance matures into a powerful blend of sweet, sugary spices and smokey afternotes that lend this fragrance a metaphysical quality that is perfect for those that love to put detail into their gift-giving experiences.

Plum In Cognac | Prunier En Cognac

Valentine’s day often feels like an ideal time to take a chance and create a fond memory. For some, that comes in the form of expressing one's love for another in a wholly unique way. For others, it may be about putting yourself out of your comfort zone confessing a secret fondness for someone.

If you’re looking to capture that exhilaration in the unknown, there’s no better fragrance than our Plum In Cognac byPascal Gaurin.

This fragrance is a deeply decadent and bold addition to our range that is simultaneously nourishing and sensual. Notes of Cinnamon and Nutmeg spring from the between a juicy plum aroma, further enhanced by a smokey cognac setting. The end result is something altogether alluring, carnal, and profoundly captivating.

Leather In Bourbon | Cuir En Bourbon

While it may feel like Valentine's day should be about the delicacy and intimacy of love between ourselves and our loved ones; it’s easy to forget the many forms that intimacy can take. Perfume has an incredible quality to its experience that allows you to feel a range of senses and emotions within a single, indefinable moment, making the act of giving the perfume a profoundly personal and intimate process.

For some, that process of olfactory experience can take various avenues, expressing themselves in new ways not previously thought of. In this sense, our Leather In Bourbon fragrance byCéline Barel captures that sense of rugged individualism.

Rich, earthy leather aromas collide with fiery bourbon high points that lend this fragrance a creative edge that speaks to both masculine and feminine preferences. Its aromatic textures and sophisticated bases make Leather In Bourbon a wildly wonderful gift for those unafraid to take a road less traveled this Valentine’s Day.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for the home and personal use.