January 05, 2022 2 min read

The start of the year is always a strange one. It’s still cold like December, but the month lacks the air of cheer and coziness of Christmas. Even worse, January often means we have to pick ourselves up and start the year again, both literally and figuratively, at square one - or January 1st on a calendar. It’s little wonder, then January is usually referred to as the “Saddest Month of the Year,” with most folks happy to bunker down and wait for the year toreally start around February.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this. While January can still be a challenging time for many, that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for a little hope to peek through the grey and gloom.

So, in today’s blog, we’ll be talking about how you can use some of the key scents from our range to make your home feel warm and hopeful during one of the greyest months of the year.

Read on!

Oak in Oak | Chêne en Chêne

Oak in Oak Candle Oak in Oak Bottle

The first month of the year can be challenging after the heady joys of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The weather is still cold, but alas, the “old life” before the holidays must be returned to all the same. In that sense, it’s easy to see why so many crave a place to feel comfortable.

Oakwood is a powerful aroma that has a sort of timeless grace to it. It’s a deep, earthy scent that acts as a perfect complement to other scents that surround it, making it ideal for homes that desire to be “earthed” in the present. Further hints of spices and Incense can combine seamlessly with Oakwood textures, creating something both refined and subtle without lacking character.

If you’re looking to escape the gloom of the first month of the year, our Oak in Oak fragrance byCéline Barel provides a unique combination of sophistication and nuance to your daily routine.

Oud in Bourbon | Oud En Bourbon

While, for many, the idea of starting the new year can feel daunting and even defeating, for others, the month represents new beginnings and exciting opportunities. The start of the year means you have a whole twelve months to achieve the goals you set for yourself, with infinite possibilities scattered throughout the year!

For those looking to embrace the adventure of the new year, Oud in Bourbon can be the perfect addition to your home or routine. Oud is a deeply appreciated fragrance that feels both evocative and luxurious, making it ideal for starting new journeys. Further elements of coffee, leather, and bourbon act to further heighten the senses and give your home a fresh, raw confidence for what the future may hold.

Our Oud in Bourbon fragrance byPascal Gaurin is ideal for those that want to make their first steps into a brave new year as bold and confident as possible.

That’s it for today’s blog, be sure to check back in the week as we delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury barrel-aged scents for the home and personal use.