Shelves are often an afterthought when it comes to home décor. But with these Scents of Wood shelves, they become the centerpiece. Made from old-growth black walnut trees, these shelves are a luxurious and sophisticated addition to any room. They're hand-cut and finished to perfection, making them a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture.

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Our custom shelves are the ideal way to showcase your Scents of Wood fragrance collection and are available in sizes suitable for 1 or 3 bottles and include mounting brackets and drywall screws for easy hanging.

Our shelves are made from old-growth black walnut trees which have died naturally and have been replaced with young trees once cut down. This ensures that our products are an extension of our ethical approach.

Each of our shelves are hand-cut and sealed with a double-coat of varnish to ensure a smooth finish while also ensuring the natural colors and textures of the wood doesn’t degrade.

Our shelves aren’t just for our bottled fragrances, with a special variant designed specifically for showcasing our candle range as well. Like our fragrance shelves, the candle shelf includes a circular indentation in the surface to ensure a comfortable fit for displaying your favorite Scents of Wood aromatic candle.