Roadmap NFTs Scents of Wood


Phase 0 – Community Building

June, July, August, September 2022

  • Brand Web Logistics
    • Launch Discord server
    • Launch dedicated website with redemption mechanism portal for the physical fragrance collectibles
  • Brand Product Logistics
    • Introduce our team
    • Finalize the creation of the first and second fragrances of the subscription
    • Finalize project’s graphic design along with first elements of our holder-exclusive merch
  • Community outreach and education
    • Reach out to both NFT and fragrance families, start educating each side about the other and both about the project.
    • For NFT people, entice them to start their fragrance collection with an NFT. For fragrance people, entice them to start their journey in the NFT space with fragrances.
    • Assemble both groups into one community through our discord, and write FAQs as we go based on community’s input. Invite NFT and fragrance collectors to join our community.
  • Community Structuring
    Culmination of phase 0: The mint!
    October 12, 2022
    2,222 Scents of Wood NFT subscriptions available

Phase 1 – Scent #1 Release

October 2022 - June 2023

  • Aspect 1 - Scent Drop #1
    • Our first exclusive fragrance becomes available to all NFT holders.
    • Each fragrance is shipped (for free) to the home of each holder.
    • Each fragrance is offered in the now-famous, heart-shaped, Japanese ceramics-inspired Scents of Wood 75ml bottle. Each of the 4 fragrances of the subscription will have a different color and cap, thus creating a unique and magnificent olfactive collection.
  • Scent unveiling on our socials
    • Creation story of the fragrance
    • Bio of the perfumer who created it
    • Exploration of ingredients
  • PR campaign around the exclusive nature of the scent
    • Project gaining exposure
  • Further Utility
    • Holders will be given access to exclusive privileges such as Zoom calls with our founder and team, access to the Scents of Wood merch store and the right to visit the brand workshops (USA, France, UK) at any time.

Our first Meetup!
December 2&3
ScentExplore in New York City, founder/holder meetings at the event.

  • Aspect 2 – Co-creation
    Co creation of Scent #3
    • Based on results of our ScentXplore conversations and surveys, the community gathers all input for the creation of our third exclusive fragrance. Discussion of the ingredients and vote on the perfumer will enable our community to truly feel like they are involved in the brand and the project they are invested in.
    • Expansion of merch store also based on community input
  • More community meetups
    • More meetups at NFT conferences and niche perfumeries around the country.
  • Culmination of phase 3: The brief of the next fragrance
    February 28th
    Brief for our 3rd fragrance is ready and the perfumer is chosen.

Phase 2 - Scent #2

June - November 2023

  • Second scent of the collection is released to all token holders
    • Scent created by
  • Beginning of co-creation of fragrance 4
  • Beginning of community consultation on how to allocate funds raised with the project such to invest it back into the brand for further expansion and utility.

Our second meetup!
Esxence Milan
March 30 - April 2 2023
founder/holder meetings at the event

Phase 3 - Scent #3

November 2023 - March 2024

Third Scent released to all NFT holders
More meetups
Merch to be released

Phase 4 - Scent #4

March 23 2024 - September 22 2024

Fourth Scent released to all NFT holders
Further utility to be announced as progress is made