2021 Subscription Journey

Collectors Box 2021

Monthly Scents

Month 1

Cedar in AcaciaCèdre en Acacia

A dance of sparks and amber

Enfolding sunkissed amber dances with untamed sparks of Ginger.
Month 2

Oak in OakChêne en Chêne

A quiet explosion of elegance

An explosion of spice colors the infinitely subtle nuances of noble Oakwood.
Month 3

Sandalwood in OakSantal en Chêne

A pure glow amongst the haze

A smoldering haze of sacred Sage and smoky Guaiacwood transcend the purity of Sandalwood for a mystical voyage of the senses.
Month 4

Oud in OakOud en Chêne

Sumptuous, unctuous decadence

Luxurious spices and forbidden delights, dripping in gold and hiding like a glowing secret in the depths of magnificent woody shadows.
Month 5

Vetiver in ChestnutVétiver en Châtaigner

A bold and nebulous aromatic aura.

The mysterious and irresistible allure of aromatic licorice grounded in warm, inspiriting woods.
Month 6

Oud in BourbonOud en Bourbon

Double edged, opulent temptation

A rich, powerful and intriguingly facetted blend of sumptuous raw materials reflecting nature at its most mysterious and luxuriant.
Month 7

Leather in BourbonCuir en Bourbon

Undiscovered, Luxurious & Textured

A harmonious fusion of powerful and mystical sensations, brought on by generous textures and rich aromas that emanate from deep within the earth, and brightened with a flash of spicy green freshness.
Month 8

Cedar in OakCèdre en Chêne

Decadent, Spicy & Mysterious

Divine notes of sophisticated and layered woods are embraced by bracing notes of spiciness to unveil a mysterious and unique textured richness that is emboldened by rooted vetiver.
Month 9

Mineral CedarCèdre Minéral

Crisp, Chilled & Mesmerizing

Chilled natural elements encounter richness and extreme warmth as you are taken away to the coast.
Month 10

Cedar in FlowerCèdre en Fleur

Transporting, Woody & Captivating

A triumphant woody bloom of Cedarwood Oil fuses with the unmatched profile of the dewy Rose Essential for Life to underline a transportive yet enthralling complex of celestial gilded woods draped in a sophisticated floralcy.
Month 11

Birch in AcaciaBouleau en Acacia

Raw, Smoked & Entrenched

The raw, luminous and noble essence of Birch dances with the depths of the oriental magnificence of leathery and smoky shadows.
Month 12

Oak in BourbonChêne en Bourbon

Fiery, Illuminating & Rich

An explosion of fresh spices infuses the warm, creamy texture of Oakwood CO2 a warm, textured Oakwood CO2 with creamy vanilla, whisky facets, carrying the intoxicating and mysterious delights of American Bourbon.