The world's first
NFT fragrance subscription

You know us...

Scents of Wood is a luxury fragrance brand inspired by forests and trees.

And a digitally powered brand, to be more precise. 92% of our income is generated online, which actually sets us apart from any other luxury fragrance brand in the world.

We are small and young, and we are fast becoming known for 3 things:

  • The quality of our scents, which are all created by some of the greatest perfumers on the planet.
  • Our unique, industry-busting subscription model.
  • And the fact that we tend to do things differently.

We have a new idea...

So when we started becoming acquainted with the world of NFTs, we saw an opportunity to bridge two communities that seem to have little overlap: The NFT people, and the fragrance people.

We thought if we could tempt fragrance people into buying their first token from a world they already know and love, while tempting the NFT people to dig into the beauty and art of fragrance creation, we would be doing some good in the world.

And because we are all about subscriptions, which we see as slow and meaningful discovery journeys, we decided to create the world’s first NFT fragrance subscription.

So stay tuned...

Soon we will publish (here) the details of the projects (including a very cool concept for our scents), our roadmap, FAQs, the composition of our team and, of course, all the details on how to be part of this super cool project.

Now to be clear, we see this as a is a community-building effort… a "slow-burn NFT"... so it will take some time before we launch. But if you want to be part of something that could change the fragrance industry forever, and discover something meaningful in the process, please stay tuned.

We want to build this with you.